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Japanese Drama: My Loser Husband or Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai (ウチの夫は仕事ができない) Broadcast Date: July 8, 2017 Airs: Saturdays Total Episodes: TBA Leads: Ryo Nishikido & Mayu Matsuoka Synopsis: Living her childhood dream of being a devoted housewife to a perfect husband, our heroine Sayaka Kobayashi squeals with excitement when she flips through a magazine at her husband Tsukasa’s work and sees his picture in an article naming him as the employee with the most promising future.

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Nishikido auditioned for his agency on September, 1997 and passed with fellow Kanjani8 members Yasuda Shota, Okura Tadayoshi and Maruyama Ryuhei in 2003 He was chosen as a member of News and in the following year Kanjani8 made their CD debut. · 47 · PUZZLE TOUR 2∞9 · COUNTDOWN LIVE 2009-2010 in Kyocera Dome Osaka · KANJANI∞ LIVE TOUR 2010→2011 8UPPERS · KANJANI8 Godai Dome Tour Eight X Eighter Omonnakattara Dome Sumimasen · KANJANI8 LIVE TOUR!!

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